Here is group of paintball location under management Jimbaran Hill Activity Village. We have about 2 different location that near one another. We have one marketing management under one website :

Find out here for your google map location  for different location of paintball in Jimbaran Hill

1.Paintball in Bali Jimbaran Hill activity village and resort


2. Paintball

Contact Address :

Ungasan Perum Bali Kencana Resort, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

E-mail :,

Official website  :

Phone number :

+6285101725367 | +62 085237658133

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21 Replies to “Contact”

  1. James Provan

    Hi. We will be in Bali in July and wish to play airsoft and do some ATV riding. We will be staying in Nusa Dua.

    Could you please advise regarding your opening days/times, prices/package options and transport options (eg hire a driver / taxi / other). There will be two adults and 3 kids (15, 13 & 11) in our group.


  2. Arnaz


    My name is Arnaz Mehta from Beyond Bali Adventures. My clients are a group of 8 boys (age 10) and up to four adults for a paintball session on Sunday, Dec 11th at 4pm.

    Would you kindly advise me of availability as well as your nett rate?

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


  3. Rudolf

    Bapak Wylfayd,
    Good evening. The paintball activity is for sale. I am interested.
    You already have give me some answers but the following.
    Landsize, leasehold still for 17 years?
    Who is the owner?
    What is the askingprice?

    Some more questions but the come later.
    Greetings Rudolf.

  4. umi


    menyambung telpon saya beberapa waktu yang lalu mohon perkenan diberikan penawaran paintball games sbb:

    tanggal : 26 Feabruari 2012
    Waktu : 09.00 WITA
    Peserta : 30-35 pax

    mohon diberikan best price include makan siang

    terima kasih

  5. Karla

    Confirmasion Lagi untuk hari Sabtu (tanggal 10 Maret). anak-anak umurnya 9 tahun. Kira-Kira 9 sama 1 orang tua.

    Jemput dari Canggu Club jam 9.00 pagi langsung ke Jimbaran.

    Please re-confirm all above okay for this weekend.
    HP 081803658335


  6. SJ Park

    Me and a few of my friends want to go paintballing on Thursday March 29th.
    I’m curious if it’s still on low season price and if anyone else had booked the day because we would like to play privately.
    I would like to book Thursday March 29th please.
    There will be 6 of us. We will be at the area around 12:30.
    Best wishes SJ

    P.S. We are 14-15 years old, also my kid brother 10 years old would like to play.

  7. Sura

    Dear sales paintball

    Today I sent 2 pax under name Mr Russo Please kindly help them
    Possible make the Gentlemen win without his girl friend knowing.

    Please let me know under number I can contact since all your number are busy. My number 08123657451

    Warm regard

  8. erik

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We like to book the paintball for our Sun Birthday this Saturday April 28 at 16:00

    It will be 6 kids and 4 adult

    Please reply and confirm

    best Regards,
    Erik (Canggu)

  9. Joey Navarro


    Just have a few questions regarding paintballing. I am organising a bucks party for the 24th October 2012 this year and am looking to book a day time activity suitable for a group of minimum 20 to 35 adults. I would like to get an idea of the cost for 20 people and 35 people (so I can interpolate between) and are package deals available for groups this size? What deposit is required to secure a booking?


  10. Jay thompson

    Hello I am looking to book a group of about 20 people in about 12pm on the 20th of June. Can you please give me a price and availability please.


  11. alex


    Im travelling by myself and would like to play paintball and have a go at the rifle range on wednesday. Im staying at the Sari Segara (240) and i have my own motorbike to get there.

    Could you give me a good price for both activities. I can do it on thursday if need be

  12. Jodie

    Hi, I was enquiring about booking the paintball for a group of about 15 people. The day we were hoping for is Friday 28th September at a time of about 1 -1.30pm. Could you please confirm it is available at this time or similar.
    Is there a restaurant on your site or one close by??
    Many thanks, Jodie.

  13. David neal

    Hi I am looking at booking a paintball session on the Sunday 7th of oct for around 12 people, wondering about availability, transfers from kuta and if there is a group discount? Any info would help cheers

    David neal

  14. Stella

    Hi im in bali and was looking at possible doing paintball with my three children.
    11, 12 and 14years old.
    How much would it cost and can we organise for friday 19th october we are staying at Centra Taum seminyak 37-39 Jl. Lebaksari Petitenget
    phone +66 27691234?
    we do not get there till wednesday but you can reach me on this email.
    We will need to be picked up and dropped off.

  15. barry

    Good afternoon!

    I am interested in being a sales affiliate for your tours.

    We have been doing business in Boracay Philippines for 3 years marketing Hotels, Transportation and Activities.

    Our new website has just launched for Bali and I would like to offer your activities online through Bali Hotel Guide.

    Can you please send me your affiliate media package with photos, rates, inclusions and your terms and conditions?

    I will be traveling to Bali to do photo and video shoots in November and would like to meet with you then. Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you.

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