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Tips about tactic & strategy for attacking team:

  • Member of your group don’t stay together in one point or location.

  • Stay in difference location between one another to move attention of your enemy.

  • Don’t stay in open area because easy for your enemy to see you.

  • Use all property in your territory like derelict houses, bush, bunker to make movement and to move attention of your enemy.

  • Don’t make noise too much.

  • While one member shoot your enemy to move their attention, another one try to get and reach main bunker in defend area without noise and very carefully.

  • Move from one point to other point by creep up and quite. Sometimes you can come along the edge by creep up slowly, quite and touch main bunker suddenly.

  • Once one of you in your team success to touch the main bunker in defend area, the game is over and your group is a winner.

Tips about tactic & strategy for Defends team:

  • Watch careful every single person or foreigner that try to come and infiltrate to your territory.

  • Don’t let them come into your area. Shoot them if you see and find them.

  • Distribute your team in the left side, right side and inside your main bunker and keep watch your enemy all the time.

  • Patrol your territory to make sure no intruders.

Frequently Question :

How many people can play paintball?

You just need duel of enemy to play paintball. Even just 2 persons can play paintball. That is you versus your friend.  So, in this case you just need minimum 2 persons to play paintball.

Can our group play paintball privately?

That is our goal. You can split your group into 2 teams, one is defends team and other is attacking team and you can change one another every 20 minutes after break.

How many game we can play?

Average 4 games. But that is depends of how many extra bullets you want to waste. In our price we only include 100 bullets. Price for extra bullet is 50 bullets = IDR 50.000. We don’t limit your time to play paintball.

What look like of the game it goes?

Each game is 15 – 20 minutes duration and continue for the next game after break 5 -10 minutes. It will be repeated every 20 minutes until 4 games complete.

Can we limit or play only 2 games?

Yes, you can. But you can’t change the price because into the price already include 100 bullets, soldier uniform, masker, body protection, head cover, neck cover, referee, fully insured, gun and unlimited mineral cold water.

Can we split our free 100 bullets into 25 bullets per each game?

Yes of course you can. That is your right.

What kinds of games we can play?

You can play 4 games in complete. Those games are:

  1. Defends and attacking games where attacking team must take over main bunker in territory of defends team.

  2. Still defends and attacking but we change position where a defends team before now to be a attacking team and vice versa

  3. Captures the flag where we put flag in the middle of field with each team have same distance to start capture the flag. Each team must try to capture the flag in the middle and bring to your enemy area and put flag at the point that we will show you.

  4. Fun game where one team just shoot your opponent team without main bunker, no flag, no defends and attacking. This game is just a fun where you shoot one another but still in your team versus other team.  

Why to get free transport must be minimum 4 persons booking and up?

To cover the cost of your free transport, we need minimum 4 persons booking.

How if we are only 2 or 3 person booking?

You can still play paintball but must pay transport to our location by yourself.

How much does it cost for the transport if we are not minimum 4 persons?

Average from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua area, taxi driver will charge you $US 6-10 for one way.

Can you arrange transport for us at your extra and how much your price?

Yes, we can. Price for extra transport that is arranged by us is IDR 225.000 come and back.

How far to get your location?

It is take 20 minutes – 40 minutes from Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Sanur and Nusa Dua depend of traffic light.

How long average to play paintball?

It is take average 1-2 hour depend of you. We don’t limit your time and depend of how fun you still enjoy to play and waste your bullet. Because at your price, we only include 100 bullets. You can also limit your time by your free 100 bullets only. All is your choice and feel free.


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    Hi, I am looking to book a paintball session for 14 people this Saturday, 9th of May 2015 at 2pm.

    Please let me know if this is available and also what the charges are.

    We will be coming straight from Denpasar Airport and are staying at Villa Manis, Jl. Pantai Pererenan, Br. Pengembungan, Desa Pererenan, Bali 80351, Indonesia.

    Therefore, we would like to arrange a pickup from the airport at 1230pm, and drop off to our villa after paintball. Please advise asap.


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